Peer-to-Peer Chat. True Privacy. Finally.

No Servers, No Web, Always Secure.

Your Own Private Network

ShazzleChat is the Worlds first chat application that allows you to
send and receive messages via YOUR own private peer-to-peer network
without anyone in the middle. Welcome to Privacy! P2P Messenger!

Invite Your Trusted Contacts

Invite Your Trusted Contacts

Import all your existing contacts and invite them to join.

Share Files

Share Files

Never worry about sharing files and if someone else is able to view them.

Set Self-Destruct Timers

Set Self-Destruct Timers

Attach self-destruct timers to media that you share and know that it will not stay on someone's phone.

ShazzleChat iPhone
Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging App

With your own private network you are in control of your privacy.

Create Groups

Create Groups

Share and chat with multiple people at once by creating a group.

Passcode Lock

Passcode Lock

Add another layer of security by enabling a passcode lock for the app.

Sharing Media Securely

Transferring large files is possible through our patented
encrypted protocol without the use of third party cloud
applications. This way, everything is secure and private.

Share Photos

Take and Share Photos

Share photos with friends and family securely. Set timers to self-destruct photos when you don’t want them out there.

Share Videos

Securely Share Video

With no time limit on video, capture the moments that mean the most for the ones that couldn't be there.

Share Documents

Share Docs with Confidence

Sending sensitive docs through ShazzleChat is a no-brainer with our patented security architecture.


And It’s Free! P2P Chat!

We believe that you should control what you
want to share and what you want to
keep to yourself.