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Welcome to Shazzle

Unleash the Power of
Peer-to-Peer Connectivity
to Create Truly Private

Messaging, emailing, sharing files, or sending payments,
can now be securely sent with Shazzle products.

Introducing ShazzleChat

Peer-to-Peer Chat,
True Privacy, Finally.

Peer-to-Peer Chat, True Privacy, Finally.

No Servers. No Web. Always Secure.

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Introducing ShazzleMail

Turn Your Smartphone
Into a Private Email Server.

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Introducing ShazzlePay

Combine the Convenience
of Electronic Payments with
the Privacy of Cash.

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Introducing Trusted Customer

Where Phone-Present
Replaces Card-Present.

Trusted customer phone-present shrinks fraud
risk to level of card present pin and chip.

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Introducing ShazzlePay for Merchants

Accept Credit Cards with
ShazzlePay and See the
Savings Stack Up.

ShazzlePay allows Merchants to accept customer
credit cards through our bluetooth enabled credit
card reader. ShazzlePay delivers payment to you, the
merchant, in token form.

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