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ShazzlePay in the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Businesses can now access the ease and relatively low cost of credit card and internet money transfer even though they may not have a bank account. We believe this will be disruptive in the Cannabis retail marketplace.

Token Based Option

Token Based Option

Cannabis Buyer establishes ShazzlePay account to buy tokens.

Token Based Option

Credit Card POS Option

Cannabis Buyer can accesses ShazzlePay at point of sale using credit card

Token Based Option

Great for Businesses

Redeem ShazzlePay by depositing in Participating Local Bank

Token Based Option

Pay Your Vendor

Cannabis Business can pay Vendors in ShazzlePay

Token Based Option

Your Vendors Benefit Also

Process ShazzlePay through Originating Bank, receiving overnight wire to its local bank account.

Token Based Option

Virtual Business Bank Account

Business may hold ShazzlePay as savings, cash through third party, or deposit to Off Shore Bank.


The First Mobile Payment System for 420 Businesses.

Access the ease and relatively low cost of credit card and internet money transfers even though they may not have a bank account

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How it Works

ShazzlePay allows Cannabis Merchants to accept customer credit cards through our bluetooth enabled credit card reader. Customers pay Shazzle, who delivers payment to you, the merchant, in token form. The token gives access to bank account deposit funds which you can use to pay vendors and employees, or transfer to a debit card, or bank of your choice.


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About Shazzle

Shazzle unleashes the power of peer-to-peer connectivity to allow private internet communications, messaging, private social media, and tokenized and secure payments safe from the centralized authority intrinsic to the Client/Server architecture of the Web by allowing users to serve content directly from their smartphone and connected devices

Issued Patent US 8612243 “System and Method of Managing Community-Based and Content-Based Information Networks” December 17, 2013

Issued Patent US 8819412 “System and Method of Delivering Confidential Electronic Files” August 26, 2014

Additional Shazzle pending patents, applications, and pending publications are available upon request.